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Climate change, Sustain ability and Green have become the most ubiquitous words.

The demand for environmentally-friendly, or green, construction solutions has increased in recent times. People across various sectors are concerned with sustainable goals.

It has been widely acknowledged that buildings consume a major portion of materials, resources and energy, thus contributing directly or indirectly to the environmental maladies.

Therefore the paradigm of green buildings has been evolved to counter the malignant effects on the environment.




The impact the building will have today and in the future when considering factors as enery usage, efficent use of space, recyclability, materials used for construction, all in effort to conserve natural resources.
Lowering operating costs, enhancing asset value, improving productivity, as well as optimizing life cycle performance.
health & community
Improvement of air quality, occupant comfort, and overall health conditions.

Smith Structures India Pvt. Ltd., a prime player in the pre fabricated metal buildings sector has been the preferred choice for may of the customers across various sectors.

The company believes in the cause for a green future and acts as a catalyst for a revolution for attaining sustainable goals. Buildings fabricated by Smith Structures India Pvt. Ltd., have some innate features that make them green to a large extent.

Smith Structures India Pvt. Ltd. the pioneer in the pre engineered buildings sector in India, offers comprehensive solutions for LEED compliance. Ourdesignand methodologies enable customers to get substantive LEED points that contribute to the rating of a building as green.

Green Innovations from Smith Structures India Pvt. Ltd.
Steel - the Green Metal

Steel is the basic material used in the construction of a pre engineered building. It negates the harmful effects associated with concrete and cement. Steel used by Smith Structures India Pvt. Ltd. for any building can be 100%recycled in the future, after the building has lived its life. Steel also lowers the life cycle cost as it is easier to maintain.

Heat Island Effect

Smith Structures India Pvt. Ltd. uses metal roof panels that have high solar reflectance index (SRI). This helps in reducing the energy consumption and the heat island effect.

Insulated Metal Panels

Smith Structures India Pvt. Ltd. offers effective insulation solutions for both the roof and walls. The panel have a superior R value that will contribute towards greater thermal and energy efficiency.

Sky Lights

Sly Lights helps in ushering natural light into the building. This ensures minimum or negligible usage of artificial ligthing thus contributing towards lesser emissions.

Regional Materials Usage

materials that are used by Smith Structures India Pvt. Ltd. are procured from regional sources. This helps to cut costs & emissions on transportation & logistics.

Innovation & Design

The pre engineered buildings fabricated by Smith Structures India Pvt. Ltd. use appropriate software, which ensure that resources are optimized.

Long Bay Spacing

Smith Structures India Pvt. Ltd. offers long bay spacing that will help in reducing the number of footings for any site. This technique ensures that civil work is reduced, usage of materials is optimized thus maintaining the ecological balance.

Renewable Energy Option

Smith Structures India Pvt. Ltd. efficient leak proof Double Lok roofing system enables the installation of solar panels on the roof top. Solar power helps customers in meeting their power requirements, reducing the emissions and in the process be eligible for carbon credits under MM.